Pick any course from our database and bring it at your location, at a convenient time for you.


For questions regarding in-house seminars, please email registrar@fmw-training.com.

Save Money! By enrolling a group of attendees the cost per person will drop significantly. Our in house courses are at their best value when you register up to 25 attendees.

Save Time! Instead of trying to fit everyone’s schedule to our open enrollment dates, you can save time by having the class at your location at a date convenient to your team.  Avoid extra travel time and individual travel expenses by scheduling a class on your premises or at a location nearby.

Customize Training to Your Needs! Custom Training can help you achieve your corporate training goals while staying on budget and focusing the content on the needs of your group. If your staff needs training on a specific topic NOT listed in our open enrollment courses, we can design a custom course targeted to your needs. Topics from different courses can be combined or explored in greater depth. We can also work with your organization to tailor or develop content specific to your needs.

Best Instructors in the Industry! Our dynamic instructors, the best in their fields, combine years of practical experience with academic rigor to provide thorough, hands-on instruction that can be applied immediately and effectively in the real world. Our instructors are compensated more and we expect them to deliver more.