Compliance Surveillance Search Seminar

March 28, 2011

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Hours9:00 am – 5:00 pm; Registration/Breakfast: 8:30 am; Dress Code: Business Casual

Thomas Bookwalter

CPE Credits: 7
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Prerequisites: None
Method: Group Live

New Regulations, New Communications Media, New Business Activities Mean Surveillance Search Must Do More

Learn How You Can Use Your Existing Systems to Find More of What Matters Most and Much Less of What is Irrelevant

Regulators, technology and business change are increasing demands on compliance departments to find better ways to protect the firm.  One area where those demands are being strongly felt is in communications monitoring and surveillance.

Electronic communications constantly evolve.  Business units, sales and marketing insist on using the latest communications tools.  Regulators continue to demand that no matter what the form, written electronic communications must be monitored.  Social Media is the latest challenge with new words, new ways to communicate and massive volumes of new messages to monitor.

Financial services companies’ ability to effectively use surveillance search tools is now more critical than ever before.

Companies have already felt the impact of high volumes of False Positives.  Compliance departments are hard pressed to keep up with review demands.  Critical missed documents are coming back to haunt firms and result in sanctions and in increasingly stiffer penalties that drive profits from the company.

Surveillance searches need to find more of what really matters and much less of what is a waste of time.

Surveillance systems cannot do that alone.  Compliance professionals must know how to make searches more powerful and effective.  The H5 Surveillance Seminar is focused on the techniques of creating effective surveillance searches.

Designed and presented by H5 e-discovery linguists, the H5 Surveillance Search Seminar is a one-day, hands-on training session where participants learn to use what works and what does not work in building effective surveillance search queries.

Our Qualifications

H5 search experts have been testing and refining these techniques over the past 10 years in high-stakes, large-scale litigation.  The principles shown in this course have been consistently proven to outperform other search solutions in independent tests.

Who should attend? 

Anyone who uses automated surveillance search systems and wants their systems to work better for them.

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